Her father was a World War II veteran stationed in Europe and North Africa.  He and his company requested an audience with His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie to fight for Ethiopia.  She was born in Dallas Texas and is a Freelance Publisher, has written numerous columns for publication and has produced five successful live radio programs.  She has appeared on, TV, NBC, the Majestic Theatre in Dallas Texas, and in photographs with various celebrities; as well as being the author of her new book “Kings of Kings” and is excited about it: “…because many people who revere history have told me they wish there was a book like this available…” 

PANTHER NEWSLETTER proudly presents this month’s SPECIAL GUEST, Claudette E. Johnson.  I hooked up with Claudette to reason with her, about her and her works.  Read her sublime interview with me here…

3 Responses to “SPECIAL GUEST”

  1. Great piece. I look forward to reading King of Kings.

  2. Enzo Colella Says:


  3. Thank You for the education, King Of Kings has presented, your works will soon get the attention of the masses who seek TRUTH!

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