Micah’s Letter

© 2011 Norman Samuda-Smith

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Number: WG8668 – Name: Micah Green


Winson Green Road


Wha gwaan Dad.

I got yah script and thanks for saying that yah don’t judge me but yah will always love me unconditionally.  Believe me dad, that means a lot.

Well dad its official, I’ll be on lock down for a year.  They say I’ll be out in six months as long as I don’t get inna no fuss nor fight.  So I’m gonna keep my head down, be humble, control my temper and I’ll be out soon.

I’m sharing a cell with an older black geezer; he’s four years older than you.  He’s been locked down for just over a year now and has got another two years to go maybe less he says, he’s ok and is a very intelligent man.  A couple of days ago we was reasoning during lights out, about an argument he had with his woman.  He said he knew what was gonna happen and he should have got out of the relationship earlier, nuff of his family and friends warn him same way, but because he loves his children, he didn’t wanna become a weekend daddy.  His woman was always nagging about everyting; she was never satisfied with what they got, yah know de ting dad, money, material things, the whole nine yards.   One day he snapped when she try to block him from leaving the house during one big argument.  So he saw red and box her down and couldn’t stop.  It was only cos his children was screaming, the mist cleared and he realised what he was doing.  He called the police and they lock him up.  He said sitting in a two by four makes you reflect, and all that thinking made him realise when people say love is blind, they assume seh dat blindness is always between a man and a woman; but yah can be blinded by yah love for yah children.  That’s where he was, he stayed because of them.  Now he recognises if he had left his woman when he start seeing the signs years ago, it would’ve been better for him, her and the children.  Bwoy, ah so it go sometimes, nuh true dad?

I told him about yah and the advice yah tried to give me everytime.  He said I should’ve listened to yah, that I don’t realise how lucky I am to have a father like you who’s there, who cares and is willing to listen and talk.  I’ve been sitting and reflecting on what yah tried to say to me and yah was always right dad.  Whatever yah talked to me about, woman, friends, family, everything about life, yah was always right; but the majority of the time, I was hard of hearing.  As Granny always say to me nuff time: “Bwoy yuh too hard ears!”  I thought I knew it all, silly me.  I just gotta be calmer in the future, think a problem or situation through and act on it constructively and positively.  Yah see dad, whenever yah say or write me a script, yah sound like a messenger from God.  I wouldn’t change yah for the world, I’m sorry about all the bad things I said to yah; and like yah said in yah last script, yah hope I learn from my mistakes.  I think I have.

I hope yah ok though dad.  Don’t worry too much about me, I’m ok, I’m not in a crazy wing full up with murderers and ting, most of the mans dem in the wing are cool.

Well me ah go sign off now, I’ll sort out a day for yah to come and visit, so I’ll see yah soon.  I know mom is still vex and disapointed with me, cos she hasn’t answered any of my scripts.  Say hello to her for me and that I love her.

Til we see each other, take care of yahself dad and mom too –  Love always

Yah son – Micah


*All rights reserved.  No part of this story may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission of the writer Norman Samuda-Smith.*


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