She is a loud and engaging comic newcomer, making fast progress on the UK comedy circuit.

Growing up as that rare thing in the midlands of the 1980s, the daughter of a Jamaican newsagent mother has clearly left its mark.

Despite years of child drama classes and theatre performances, she frustrated her mother by spending 6 years at university, leaving without a degree, and returning to work there for a further 2 years.

After a variety of odd jobs – Disability Support Worker, Theatre House Manager, Comedy Club Waitress – she took up an odder job, in stand up comedy.

Currently talking loudly about everything from hoodies and mobile phone habits to Beyonce’s mental state, she has made rapid progress, appearing at theatres such as Nottingham Playhouse and comedy clubs such as Jongleurs – on the Upfront Café Tour.

Her early efforts have quickly created a buzz that led to a nomination as Best Newcomer in 2006 and best female 2009 BECA Awards and Midlands Stand-Up Runner-up 2007.  There’s more to come.


TEL/FAX 0121 350 8992. PO BOX 5094  BIRMINGHAM B23 5SW


PANTHER NEWSLETTER proudly presents this issue’s ARTIST OF THE MONTH, Annette FagonI hooked up with Annette to reason with her and about her works.  Check her interview with me here…

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