There are many community organisations in Birmingham who are doing positive things for the youth and the communities at large.  One of those companies is C De Vision Limited.

C De Vision (CDV) was incorporated in October 2005 and began to trade in April 2006.  Although a new company, it has already attracted funding organisations such as The Birmingham Foundation, The Heritage Lottery Fund, Youth Opportunities/Capital Fund, Digbeth Trust Fund and others.  C De Vision is an ambassador for children, young people and a champion for all.   They strive to listen to the voice of each individual, children and young person so that their views and suggestions can be heard and acted upon.  It is a company that listens, hears and supports.

The concept behind the company is that cultural diversity is a pillow of the community and therefore needs to be cherished and nurtured.  Their philosophy is quite simply to See it, Believe it, Do it!

C De Vision Limited boasts an impressive array of highly motivated, qualified, experienced and talented associates, performance and freelance artists.  They are able to demonstrate an exraordinary ability to connect with children, young people, adolescents and young at different levels, regardless of ranging abilities, in order to achieve the aims and outcomes of the project/s they are involved in.  It is the aim and committment of every member of the staff team and all who are employed to work on behalf of CDV that all workshops, training sessions and projects – Promotes, Motivates, Requires discipline, Inspires and Encourages participants to Move Forward.

The visionary of C De Vision Limited is Pamela Brooks, who is full of energy; driven by her vision and her faith.  I recently hooked up with Pamela to find out more about her and CDV.  Read her interview here…


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