A Tribute Frederick William Smith

Sunrise: January 9, 1924   Sunset: November 20, 2014 

© Norman Samuda-Smith 2014


He showed me how to be a man. He’s helped me, advised me and guided me. Although sometimes I haven’t agreed with him along the way. He’s strong and gentle too, and I strive to be like him everyday…


  • I’m blessed to be his son, it was written from the start.
  • He’s a supreme father, loving, kind and smart.
  • He’s not a chic dresser, but he’s trimmed and very neat;
  • with casually smart clothes, to the shoes he wears on his feet.


  • He doesn’t hang out at the pub,nor does he drive a flashy car;
  • and when he takes vacations, he doesn’t go too far.
  • He doesn’t dine on fine cuisine; To him: ‘Fast food nuh sweet,’
  • he always has rice on his plate, when it’s time for him to eat.


  • He has a humble house in California,which has all what he needs.
  • He keeps his garden cut nice and short; he grows vegetables and fruits and he trims all the weeds.
  • He used to work long hours, to earn an average pay.
  • Even when he was sick or tired, he turned up at work everyday.


  • He worked as a mechanic, a builder; a variety of jobs.
  • His pay just made ends meet; but the few good friends and family he has, makes his life complete.


  • He has never had much money, his life is not for show; but still he’s the richest man, I will ever know.
  • He’s not well-versed in poetry, the theatre or the arts,
  • but he has wisdom, knowledge and overstanding of life, something that he constantly imparts.
  • He loves the simple things in life, for riches he doesn’t thirst.


  • He knows what is important, he puts his family first.
  • The wealth that God has given him, to treasure in his life;
  • loving sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and a very special wife.


  • To many he’s just a simple man; but he’s the greatest man I know.
  • A man of great dignity, honour and strength; he’s my Dad, my mentor, my hero.


  • Bless up Dad!
  • Rest in Peace.

2 Responses to “FEATURED POEM”

  1. John Ricardo Says:

    Hi there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoyed reading this.

  2. Dorothy Smith Says:

    Your Father and I have read your poem – Bless you – You are the best! – All our love to you, Denise, the grandchildren and great grandchildren – Mommy D xxx

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