Greetings and welcome to Issue 5 of  PANTHER NEWSLETTER.  A big shout goes out to our new readers in Canada and the United States, welcome aboard and thank you for your emails expressing your enjoyment of reading PANTHER NEWSLETTER; give thanks; and to those of you who personally phoned me and expressed the same thoughts; bless…

This month we have the usual suspects ARTIST OF THE MONTH, a special FEATURED POEMS, an extra special NORMSKI’S ARTICLE and everybody’s favourite, THE CULTURE CORNER.  So sekkle steady, warm and easy and put on some sweet music to make you rock and jive; cos PANTHER NEWSLETTER lyrics gonna make you come alive!


Macclesfield Manager Keith Alexander Dies

Earlier this month, Macclesfield Town Football Club announced that their manager Keith Alexander died at the age of just 53.  Alexander, who suffered a brain aneurysm in November 2003, passed away on Wednesday March 3rd after arriving home from the League Two match at Notts County.  He had recently returned to work after taking time out because of illness…Read more here.

The Casting of a White Actor to Play Dumas Draws Anger

In Issue 1 of PANTHER NEWSLETTER, I featured one of our heroes Alexandre Dumas in THE CULTURE CORNERThere is growing objection by African/Americans and black critics in France to the French film ‘L ‘ Autre Dumas’ directed by Safy Nebbou; who has chosen Gerard Depardieu, a white actor with blue eyes and blond hair to play Dumas; read more about it here…

BLACKHEART MAN goes on tour

At The Y Theatre YMCA 7 East Street LE1 6EY (3 minutes from Leicester Train Station) LEICESTER. 
Contact Name: Box Office
Tel: 0116 255 7066

If you missed his opening performance at The Drum in Birmingham in November 2009, then try not to miss this forthcoming tour.  Blackheart Man written and performed by International performance poet Moqapi Selassie , produced and directed by James Pogson is a compelling live performance about being Black and British; as told by a Rastafarian born in England to Caribbean parents.  Stay tuned for more dates.


Finally; my sister Jozette Araron (Author/Freelance writer & Editor in Chief) who lives in Canada, has put me in the spotlight of her on line monthly newsletter DE SILVA’S NEWS (March issue).  Check out and subscribe to her newsletter and read my interview with her.


One Response to “GREETINGS & NEWS”

  1. Thank you for inviting me to view this this wonderful news letter, which is so informative on black issues, music, literature etc. I particularly enjoy your contributions Norman and it is good to know you continue to write both prose and poetry in such an interesting and exciting way. My other favourite is the Culture Corner. Continue the good works, endeavour onward as we must as black people; the survivors! I look forward to your future newsletters.

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