“I am an African by way of America.  My family is from Benin.  We are Yoruba.  Man, no fronts and this informs how I work, how I live, my music and my spiritual life.”

I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with this brother in Oakland on my first visit to California by way of my cousin Mike in December 1992; and the times I go back to California to visit my family, we always hook up.  During my trip in 1992, he, my cousin and their friends introduced me to Kwanzaa, we reasoned about writing and he said one day he would write and produce a conscious hip hop album.  In August 2010, his vision became reality when his album Wisdom And Knowledge was released by Inersha Records.

Normski, Tadd Scott (centre), and Brotha Chaz Walker, Oakland December 1992

PANTHER NEWSLETTER proudly presents this issue’s ARTIST OF THE MONTH from outta Oakland California: “The High Priest of Hip Hop” Brotha Chaz Walker.  I hooked up with my bredrin Chaz to reason with him, about him, his family, and his works.  Check out his story here…

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