This birthday issue of PANTHER NEWSLETTER is dedicated to:

Meshack Tesfa Bernard Brown

Sunrise: November 13 1986    Sunset:  November 13 2006

His potential was great.  His mannerism, meek and mild.  In his short time as a father, he was second to none.  “Your Princesses are beautiful Meshack, they are doing good, are well-loved and are safe and sound.  We all miss you.”


“POPS” – (Norman Samuda-Smith)

“Happy 24th birthday Meshack.  You were a beautiful angel born on this special day, but sadly and senselessly you were taken away from us on this day too.  You are deeply missed and loved by so many.  You were truly one of a kind, a beautiful handsome decent guy.  Your physical presence may not be here with us, but your spirit is always.  We will always celebrate your special day and your life, Meshack stylee.

Love from your Queen Shereen and your Princesses Shackya and Meshanne.

We love and miss you so much xxx”

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