This month’s Panther News Letter is dedicated to Ricardo Campbell aka David Jah Rastafari, son of Small Heath who is no longer with us in the physical. 

 Sunrise: July 9 1962 – Sunset: December 7 2009.

Ricardo’s philosophy of life was about Livity:  How you live good with people.  My Mom and Dad have always said: “The good you do, lives after you.”

Ricardo always lived good with them and those he loved the most.  Rest in peace Ricardo – We know your love-light shines on us always and you’ll never be forgotten.

Jah Bless.

One Response to “DEDICATION”

  1. Petrie Hendrickson Says:

    It was an emotional day for all who attended the memorial service. The attendance denoted just how much Richardo had touched so many lives. It was also an opportunity for many of the original Black families of Small Heath and sourrounding areas to meet and catch up with one another. Why is it that we only make the effort to meet on such occasions. One would hope that one of Richardo’s legacies would be, that old friendships and acquaintances were renewed and hopefully maintained. Jah Blessings Richardo.

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