Seeing how it was Father’s Day June 19, this is dedicated to:

All Fathers who are special

All Fathers who are dear

And all Fathers who are loved more and more each year.


Fathers can only achieve their goal of seeing their children become champions in whatever venture they choose in a loving family environment and when they have a good woman who respects her man for who he is.  If the man and woman are not together anymore, then the respect they had for each other when they made their children should remain.  It’s all about the choice of partner we make as men and women as well.  When you have a foul mouthed partner who chants you down as no good and has no basic reason for doing so, and you get caught in the hype of chanting him or her down in return, all visions you have for your children perish; for they will be watching what you do and say to each other.  Come on, let’s face it, you are their role models.   So in that situation, one or the other has to change to make things right, remain strong and true to your truth and morals.  This is where a lot of us fall down.

Big up to all black men who act like dads.  Each and every one of us has our style and way of being a dad.  Every man do his thing a little way different, so we must big them up same way.  Realise we were kings, queens and rulers of the earth once, and can/will be spiritual rulers of Eden again.  So, leggo the violence, the argument, the fuss and the fight and live amongst our one another in pride and dignity.


‘Til next month – Everyting – Bless

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