© 2010 Bryanna Jones

(From Yeadon, Pennsylvania)


I believe I found my freedom through dance.  The way you twist, turn, and stretch your body is like you’re a big open book.  Showing what you have been through and what you’re about to go through is all shown through movement.  Dance to me is a way to get out of this drug infused, violence-filled, confined world.  For me, I always had something to tell people but my way of telling is through dance.

This belief became a reality at a very young age; it was in Disney World where my family would travel to almost every year.  Until this one year, the dancers in the Disney Parade needed some kids to come to the street to learn a dance.  I ran my little legs out there and learned the dance.  Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum taught it to me.  Just that little dance made me feel like I was a superstar in front of millions of fans.

When I returned to the room I could not stop dancing.  My feet and arms kept on moving and never stopped until my mom asked a life-changing question.

“Do you want to go to dance school?” She asked me with a pinch of frustration in her voice.

“Yes I do, can I,”  I asked jumping up and down.

I never thought that an 8-word question could make me feel like I won a million dollars.  When I returned home later that week my mom signed me up at a dance company.  I went to dance every Saturday in my pink ballet slippers, pink stockings, pink tutu, pink bodysuit, and a pink sweater.  I took ballet, jazz, and tap.  Then something inside of my tiny body told me that this was like a home away from home for me.  Everyone there was passionate about the same thing I was passionate about.

As I got older I began to realize all of my worries went away.  Then when someone put me on stage I was going to show the world me.  When I was on stage, I was free my body would do things I did not even practice and when you’re free that is what‘s supposed to happen.  Freedom is supposed to make you feel removed from this drug infused, violence-filled, confined world.  When I dance a portal to another world opens and I dance right into that portal.


 *All rights reserved.  No part of this story may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission of the writer Bryanna Jones.*


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