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New CBEEBIES programme RASTAMOUSE has been making headlines recently, with people for and against this children’s show.  Personally I think the show is showing that as a multi-cultural country, we are moving with the times. The fact that it is being shown on the BBC and not on some obscure channel also says a lot. I have read that people have issues with the characters being mice ‘rodents’ etc and that the cheese they eat is really a cover-up for the ‘ganja’ stereotype attached to the Rastafarian communities.  What a load of hogwash! I read that the characters should be Lions instead, but then they would be meat-eaters and seen as vicious!  Mickey Mouse has made a great impact being the world’s most famous rodent and I hope Rastamouse can reach that status worldwide.

We have had the books in our family for a few years and what I really love is the fact that when they speak it is written in ‘patois’ which as a Trinidadian native, I love that Caribbean Culture is being incorporated into the younger generation. The fact that the ‘crew’ are all easy-going and strive for peace and justice is great! It promotes good behaviour over bad and encourages the young viewers to work together to solve problems working as a team. I love that my middle daughter (4yrs old) is the only Rastafarian in her school which is a Catholic Primary. Now all the children role play Rastamouse at break times and have a lot of fun learning the lingo.

For those who have issues with Rastamouse, I would say to dem ‘tek it easy, nyam some cheese and go play some reggae music.’

 Irie Man!

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