‘When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.’



Greetings and welcome to PANTHER NEWSLETTER ISSUE 11


Yes each and everyone, we’re back from our extra special journey to Northern California to connect with my family.  A special thanks goes out to my Dad and ‘Second Mom’ Dorothy ‘the director’ Smith, my brother Greg, his wife Deborah and my sister Ginger for making sure we had a good time in Sacramento.

A big shout also goes out to the Oakland massives for making us feel at home and here they are; my cousin Michael Gooding and his finance Nicolia Bagby, Brotha Chaz Walker and his wife Ife, Sidney Glass and his wife Eleanor, Shayna Brye, Charleston Cone, Bob and Kenya and last but by no means least, Brotha Kevin the chef for cooking up some serious soul food at the dinner party in the Merit Lake area of Oakland organised by Nicolia; ‘the hostess with the mostess’.  Jah bless y’all; and we’ll see y’all again soon…

Welcome to our new readers here in the UK, also in Holland, France, St Kitts and Nevis, the U.S.A and Canada.  The usual PANTHER NEWSLETTER message to our new readers is: “Welcome aboard; rock and come in,” and a big, big thanks to you the regular readers for making the months of September and October the most record breaking number of hits pon top of hits; I give thanks, keep on clicking.

In this issue of PANTHER NEWSLETTER we have THE ARTIST OF THE MONTH, our incomparable SPECIAL GUEST, the FEATURED POEM, a FEATURED ARTICLE by Denise Anthea, a TRIBUTE TO THE COOL RULER Gregory Isaacs who sadly passed away this month and everybody’s favourite THE CULTURE CORNER.  Don’t forget to click on Normskis Musical Coa-Coa Basket and tune into the sweet-sweet sounds of roots, rock, reggae.

So kick back and enjoy PANTHER NEWSLETTER ISSUE 11



The Coalition Government Wants To Get Direct Access To Your Bank Account.

The coalition government (Conservative & Liberal Democrats), wants direct access to your bank account.  No longer will you be paid by your employer, with them sorting out the tax to collect.  The employer would send the money to the government, and then the government pays you into your bank account.  Check it out here…(Recorded from BBC Weekend News, 18 September 2010).

Diane Abbot

Well she didn’t win the race to become the new leader of the Labour Party, but there is no doubt she is inspiring potential future black female politicians here in the UK who are watching her closely.  Early last month, my cousin Kim Pearson interviewed Ms Abbot; read the interview here…

Food For Thought

This very interesting email was forwarded to me last month and I was asked to forward it to everybody I know.  So I’m using the PANTHER NEWSLETTER platform to forward it to my brothers and sisters of the world.  Please, take time out to read it here… 


Also last month I recieved a  few emails from sistas who expressed why I haven’t featured anything about natural hair.  I am an avid supporter of sistas who want to glorify the natural look.  So this is for you ladies with, or who are thinking about going natural and I trust y’all will have many hours of inspired reading.  Click on this link and enjoy Natural Notts… you can also find the link on Facebook.

Black Studies Course 2010 to 2011

Black History is not just for one month in the year.  Black History is A Life Time Experience.  If you have not already done so, it is time to Explore and Understand Your Past, Your Present and Your Future.  Check out The Black Studies Course 2010 to 2011 here…

New 1990 Trust & Roots Research Centre Website & Black Newspaper Archive Launch

The 1990 Trust and its research arm, the Roots Research Centre, is proud to launch its new website and Black Newspaper Archive, available to view.  For more details click here…


A new website/newsletter from outta the streets of Birmingham called Recognize is soon to be launched.  Check out what its gonna be about here… 


Congratulations to my long time bredrin Brotha Chaz Walker (who hails from Oakland California); for releasing his brilliant conscious album: Wisdom And Knowledge; A fusion of Hip-Hop and Reggae musical flavour.  So if you want to investigate and purchase his album that has a different essence, click here…

Congratulations to Roy McFarlane for being announced as Birmingham’s new Poet Laureate.  Nice one Roy, you deserve it my Don!

…And I don’t mean to brag and I don’t mean to boast but congratulations to me from coast to coast.  PANTHER NEWSLETTER has been honoured by Strathmore’s WHO’S WHO, for: demonstrating leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.  Here’s how it reads in their registry 2010/2011.


Soul singer Solomon Burke dies aged 70.

Soul Singer Solomon Burke who wrote “Everbody Needs Somebody to Love” and recorded the hit “Cry to Me” used in the movie, “Dirty Dancing” has died at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, more…

Cool Ruler singer Gregory Isaacs dies aged 59

Reggae star Gregory Isaacs has died at the age of 59 at his London home following a long illness, here…

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