Loving Yourself

© 2010 Denise Anthea


Have a go at this quick exercise.  Go to a mirror, stand in front of it, smile and say “(your name) I love you.  You are beautiful, you are loved.” 

Did you do it?  If so, how did it feel?  Did it come to you naturally or did it feel strange? 

This little exercise demonstrates how you feel about yourself deep inside.  A lot of us are taught that it is okay for others to tell us how attractive, clever, great they are.  But expressing this out loud about ourselves?  That’s another story.

When we compliment someone on their beauty and they instantly respond “I know.”  Automatically, we may think “they think a lot about themselves don’t they?”  Yet if this same person has been told, practically all their lives that they have a lovely face, why shouldn’t they know?  It’s theirs to own.

A woman was once complimented on her beauty to which she simply replied; “Thanks, but it’s really nothing to do with me it’s down to my parents.” 

Thinking and speaking positively brings its own rewards.  Saying a simple affirmation each morning does make a difference to how you see yourself and how others see you.

So, how do you feel about you?  Loving (and respecting) yourself is, in part, accepting yourself, your body just as you are.  Right here, right now.  When we feel positive about ourselves and have a positive self image, we will be surprised how many things fall into place. 

We may feel compelled to treat ourselves, to meet up with friends, gain more confidence and get out and about more.  We slowly begin to change things in our lives.  We remove things that no longer serve us any purpose.  Whether it’s old clothes, possessions and relationships.  It all starts with the self. 

You don’t need validation from anyone else.  You are good enough just as you are.  Everything else is a bonus.  Ultimately what counts is what you think about you.  You know you are special, precious, valued, beautiful, talented and creative.  The list goes on.

So – where were we?  Oh yes, go stand in front of the mirror………………


*All rights reserved.  No part of this article may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission of the writer Denise Anthea.*

One Response to “FEATURED ARTICLE”

  1. Sheila Watson Says:

    Thanks for this sensible article. I’m very glad to see such a wonderful piece being shared freely out there and so true – When will you write your next article?

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