She hails from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, and is currently based in Nottingham England where she helps to promote and support local artists and organizations in various events in and around that region.  Through her non-profit organization Cultural Vibrations she strives to: “Take Black Culture into the mainstream, to bring people together as one; by gathering all cultures together so that we can embrace all that we have in common.”

PANTHER NEWSLETTER is proud to welcome our SPECIAL GUEST this month, a remarkable woman Leanda ‘Rastarella’ Falade.  I hooked up with Rastarella to reason with her, about her and her works.  Tune in to her interview here…

One Response to “SPECIAL GUEST”

  1. Hello, Panther people.
    I was amazed to see Leanda up there! I was thrilled to read the article, although you can only get a real sense of this awesome woman with enough warmth to create ecological havoc, by meeting her!
    I first met Leanda when she was interested in holding a fund raiser to help the many international refugees who live precariously in our city of Nottingham, England. That is, she came to see us about making some money for us…! Bright, selfless, and totally unassuming, she won our hearts instantly, and is now a much adored member of our sprawling, international “family”.
    As Leanda would say:
    “Bless up. One love!”
    Geoff C (In a personal capacity).
    Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum.

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