Welcome to this month’s Panther Newsletter.  Before you settle into this edition’s topics, I want to give thanks to each and every one of you for logging on to the first edition, enjoying it and taking time out to offer me your words of encouragement; very uplifting.  I trust you will find this second issue as enjoyable as the first and don’t be shy, subscribe to Panther Newsletter, it’s free!

Coming up we have THE ARTIST OF THE MONTH; THE FEATURED STORY (part one); NORMSKI’S ARTICLE  and everybody’s favourite THE CULTURE CORNER.

Bless – Norman Samuda-Smith

One Response to “GIVE THANKS”

  1. Sista Miriam Fari Says:

    I believe other web site creators should use this web site as an example of how each one can teach one and many – very educational, thought provoking as your heaading says but most of all and very important, it’s so uplifting, the content is sublime. I love it, I love it, I love it! – Sorry, it’s so nice I had to say I love it thrice! – Stride on King Normski my brother man. Keep up Jah works. I will definately keep on following Panther Newsletter – Guidance and Jah Bless.

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