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A Brief History


Norman Samuda-Smith

Norman Samuda-Smith’s back cover of Bad Friday; the photo was taken in 1981 when Norman was just 22.

The Original Bad Friday

Above is the original Bad Friday published by Trinity Arts in 1982. They produced a print run of just 1,500 copies which were sold out in five months. The cover and illustrations inside the novel were designed and drawn by Norman and took two days. “To achieve that and to have my novel published was the fulfilment of the dream I had when I was fourteen.”

During 1983 and 1984, Norman began writing the revised version of Bad Friday. He believed the novel was good enough to reach a much wider audience.  Alongside that, he was writing plays for Ebony Arts Theatre Group of which he was a founding member in 1983. Each play he produced was successfully toured nationally in front of packed community audiences. Ebony Arts final national tour ended in July 1988 when they performed Woman to Woman and Ebony Versions.

Ebony Arts Theatre Group (Flyer)

New Beacon Books; London/Port of Spain were one of three black book shops based in London who helped Trinity Arts promote and sell the original Bad Friday. In 1984 Norman attended the International Black Book Fair in London and presented the amended Bad Friday manuscript to the late John La Rose (founder and Managing Director of New Beacon Books). He was impressed with the re-write and re-published the revised version of the novel in 1985. Bad Friday became popular in the school and college curriculums in the West Midlands region through the ’80’s and early ’90’s.

Bad Friday

Norman’s story Rasta Love is one of seventeen short-stories featured in the award-winning anthology Whispers in the Walls; Tindal Street Press, 2001.“1970’s Rasta rhythms reverberate through a teenage love affair. Rasta Love by Norman Samuda-Smith is a tour de force of angry, joyous patois as irresistible as the hard bass-lines it celebrates.”

Whispers in the Walls

Norman’s poems Life’s a Game and I Am Begging You are featured in the anthology Songs of Hope; Timeless Avatar Press; USA 2006. “The black poets of this anthology are singing dirges and manifestos (but also songs of victories gained) to inspire and instruct a new generation in the struggle to go beyond the status quo. They are paying tribute to the heroism, love, erotic moment, devastating self-revelation, the loss and despair, and the rise, rise, rise again that comes in lives great and small; and who is to say which is which?”

  Songs of Hope

St Ann – A tribute to his later mother Irene Ann Samuda-Smith is featured in the anthology The Heart of Our Community; Timeless Avatar Press; USA 2006. “These writers bring their own individual dialects and enthusiasms about life to shape this carnival of words dancing around boundaries. Their feelings about love and children, racism and oppression, death and remembrance of departed ones, reflect the joys and strains in each of their communities.”

The Herat of Our Community


Current Projects




Cover Design by: Jermaine Samuda Smith





BRITANNIA’S CHILDREN is a collection of short-stories by Norman Samuda-Smith. His stories were written and span a period of over 33 years. They chronicle the experiences of two generations of the black community born in Britain of West Indian parents, (The Windrush Generation), who migrated to the ‘Mother Country’ in the 1950s and 60s. These stories have never been brought together in the form of an anthology before. They naturally and harmoniously gel to tell one tale.


Inner-City Blues

Cover was designed by: Aaron Linton-Chambers for Samuda-Smith Publications


“Sometimes a hard line is a wrong line…”

“Two wrongs never make a right…”

When Peter is brutally assaulted after leaving a ‘blues party’ in the early hours of Sunday morning, robbed of his hustling money, face down, bleeding and motionless, the attack sends shock-waves, affecting his nearest and dearest. No longer the confident verbal swaggering youth, Peter’s a frightened fragile young man, unable to leave the sanctuary of his bedroom. The assault also scuppers his plans to relocate with Faye before their baby is born. Faye seeks help from her friends Lorraine, Vivene and her boyfriend Delroy (Peter’s cousin) and Lorraine’s boyfriend Errol to turn the situation around.

Peter’s side-kick Ziggy is convinced he knows who attacked Peter but his accusations fall on deaf ears. He quickly realises Peter is protected by a wall of silence from his family and friends.

After a slow recovery and rejecting the temptation to persue a 9 to 5 life style, Peter and Ziggy team up again. Ziggy however, has one aim in mind, revenge. Peter’s attacker’s must pay a heavy price. Revenge is a dish best served cold but the heated consequences of these actions may jeopardise the lives of Peter, his family and friends.

Inner-City Blues is based within the back-drop of inner-city Small Heath Birmingham during the mid 1970’s and is the long-awaited sequel to Norman Samuda-Smith’s ground breaking first novel Bad Friday.


Enjoy reading The Featured Story, Normski’s Article, and The Culture Corner.


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  1. Hi Norman,

    I remember meeting you once or twice back then. I was part of the Writers Group set-up by John Dalton. Nice blog and best of luck with your projects.


    Stickleback Productions

    PS I have a serial killer screenplay project called Panther at the moment!

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